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The following lessons were created as supplements for use with McDougal Littell's "Mathematics Concepts and Skills; Course 1" by Larson, Boswell, Kanold, and Stiff shown below. This text is one of the few on California's state list of approved textbooks for middle and high schools. Keep in mind that these previews are pictures of the actual PowerPoint slides and they show no animation. Please download this free PowerPoint lesson as a comparison: Lesson 1-9. (Click here to download free PowerPoint viewer.)

Click on any highlighted lesson below to view its contents.  Students may use this site, www.Pre-AlgebraNotes.com, when they are absent.

Chapter 1: Decimals

1-1 Problem Solving and Reasoning;    1-2 Expressions and Variables;   1-3 Order of Operations;   1-4 Powers and Exponents;   1-5 Comparing and Ordering Decimals;   1-6 Rounding Decimals;   1-7 Adding and Subtracting Decimals;   1-8 Multiplying Decimals;   1-9 Dividing Decimals

Chapter 2: Fractions

2-1 Prime Factorization;    2-2 Greatest Common Factor;    2-3 Fundamental Fraction Concepts;    2-4 Fractions in Simplest Form;    2-5 Least Common Multiple;    2-6 Comparing and Ordering Fractions;    2-7 Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions;    2-8 Connecting Decimals and Fractions

Chapter 3: Operations with Fractions

3-1 Adding and Subtracting Fractions;    3-2 Using a Least Common Denominator;    3-3 Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers;    3-4 Multiplying Fractions and Mixed Numbers;    3-5 Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers;    3-6 The Distributive Property;    3-7a Conversions with Customary Units of Measure;    3-7b Conversions with Metric Units of Measure;    3-8 Rates

Chapter 4: Integers

4-1 Integers and the Number Line;    4-2 Adding Integers on a Number Line;    4-3 Adding Integers Using Addition Rules;    4-4 Subtracting Integers;    4-5 Multiplying Integers;    4-6 Dividing Integers;    4-7 Integers and Order of Operations;    4-8 Comparing Positive and Negative Numbers

Chapter 5: Solving Equations

5-1 Writing Expressions;    5-2 Writing Equations;    5-3 Solving Addition Equations;    5-4 Solving Subtraction Equations;    5-5 Solving Multiplication Equations;    5-6 Solving Division Equations;    5-7 Solving Two-Step Equations

 Chapter 6: Ratios and Proportions

6-1 Ratios;    6-2 Solving Proportions;    6-3 Writing Proportions;    6-4 Similar Polygons;    6-5 Scale Drawings;    6-6 Probability

 Chapter 7: Percents

7-1 Percents, Fractions, and Decimals;    7-2 Finding a Percent of a Number;    7-3 Large and Small Percents;    7-4 Solving Percent Problems;    7-5 Circle Graphs;    7-6 Simple Interest;    7-7 Discounts and Sales Tax

Chapter 8: Geometry in the Plane

8-1 Intersecting Lines and Angle Measure;    8-2 Angles of a Triangle;    8-3 Classifying Triangles;    8-4 Area of a Triangle;    8-5 Parallelograms;    8-6 Area of a Parallelogram;    8-7 Circumference of a Circle;    8-8 Area of a Circle

 Chapter 9: Geometry in Space

9-1 Prisms and Cylinders;    9-2 Volume of a Rectangular Prism;    9-3 Volume of a Triangular Prism;    9-4 Volume of a Cylinder;    9-5 Surface Area of a Prism;    9-6 Surface Area of a Cylinder

Chapter 10: Data Analysis and Statistics

10-1 Measures of Central Tendency;    10-2 Histograms;    10-3 Box-and-Whisker Plots;    10-4 The Coordinate Plane and Scatter Plots;    10-5 Using Appropriate Graphs;    10-6 Interpreting Graphs;    10-7 Samples and Populations;    10-8 Interpreting Surveys

Chapter 11: Probabilty and Discrete Mathematics

11-1 Organizing Possible Outcomes;    11-2 Disjoint Events and Independent Events;    11-3 Probability of Independent Events;    11-4 Probability of Disjoint Events;    11-5 Probability of an Event Not Occurring;    11-6 Making Predictions

Chapter 12: Appendix

12-1 Day 2 in Math 6;    12-2 Back to School Night;    12-3 Sample Objects;    12-4 Using PowerPoint to Reinforce Algebra Concepts


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