I used the PowerPoint presentations at my school and our test scores improved at a remarkable rate.  We scored in the top 5% of improvement schools.  I feel that a lot of the progress was as a result of the presentations on PowerPoint.  It was easier to present the material and it held the students' attention.  Keep up the great work!


Al Carter - Algebra teacher at McFarland Unified

I just have to tell you this real quick.  I was teaching lesson 10.5 (factoring trinomials)  to my honors kids yesterday.  I had looked over the powerpoint and was excited to teach the lesson, because it was presented in a way that I had never been taught and little things clicked with me that I had never realized before. So in the middle of my presentation, this kid has one of those "ah has" and says, "oh, I get it... Mrs. Bloom, you're a good teacher, I just thought I'd let you know that."  Obviously, he made my day, but the truth of the matter is, you have made me such a better teacher.  Thanks! I had another girl from my regular algebra class come in a couple of weeks ago and tell me she had gone to www.algebranotes.com to go over a lesson. She was all bubbly and said, I just love these lessons.

Lisa Bloom - Ranchero Middle School

I have used your product for two years now and it has helped tremendously in my classroom. It has saved countless hours of prep time for me. Also I can easily go forward or backwards as necessary. Thank you again for your product.

Jamie Spencer - Slauson Middle School

I went through the complete set of Algebra I presentations last year, and I found them to be a very engaging tool for the students.  They are professionally presented, and I believe the students take the class more seriously with the technologically advanced method of teaching.  Each lesson has thought provoking concepts incorporated in them.  The graphics and details of each lesson cover all the concepts necessary for full understanding.  The presentatins allow for students to answer questions during each slide.  I ask them to give answers before I click answers onto the screen.  Students feel a sense of accomplishment and understanding when their answers appear on the screen. Better class management is also achieved. Students are quieter and more "tuned in" during lecture.   My state testing scores were outstanding last year thanks to Jim Wenk's Algebra I presentations.

Carolyn Katsufrakis - West Middle School

Thanks for the help.  I can't express how wonderful this program is working for me.  I can now easily keep the 31 kids in my algebra class fully engaged for the full period.  Their interest in the subject seems to have increased also.  The approximate $1000 initial outlay (partly covered by the PTA) is a tiny expense compared to the savings of time, piece of mind, and improvement in class interest.  The powerpoint has helped the students to take notes that are meaningful. Thank You.

Joe McCollum - Los Olivos School District


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