Copyright Agreement

A license to use the lessons contained in Math 5 Slide Show: Teaching Made Easy As Pi is hereby granted solely to the purchaser/user or the person for whom this program was purchased.  The book serves as your license.  This agreement entitles the user for whom this program was purchased to install or use these lessons on their school or institutional computers at one building site.  Persons or teachers who have not purchased the program or are not the intended recipients of the program are prohibited from using it.  The following are acceptable uses of Math 5 Slide Show: Teaching Made Easy As Pi:

    • You have permission to print lessons from the computer CD or reproduce lessons in the lesson plan book for personal, student and classroom use. You should not, however, copy the whole collection of PowerPoint lessons or the lesson plan book.
    • If you purchased this program or it was purchased for you, you may use it on all your classroom computers and your home computer for reference purposes.  You may load it on lab computers as long as there is no outside or unlicensed access.
    • The user may deliver lessons to any number of students using a computer, LCD projector, television, or other display equipment.  However, if you wish to use or share this program with other teachers, each teacher using the program must purchase the right to use it.  Visit or e-mail for details or purchasing questions.
    • You should not install or post these PowerPoint lesson files on a computer, web site, or server where unlicensed users would have access to them. Students and interested teachers are free to access the content of any lesson on the web site, and clicking the Math 5 "Previews" tab.
    • You should not copy, transfer, or send as an e-mail attachment any PowerPoint lesson in this program to any unlicensed user.
    • You have permission to edit, change, delete, or modify any part of any lesson in Math 5 Slide Show: Teaching Made Easy As Pi . You are encouraged to add to this collection and make these lessons fit your classroom and style of teaching. However, these altered or modified lessons are still subject to the terms of this copyright agreement. Users wishing to share lessons with others who are not licensed users of this product in such a way should create lessons that are completely their own.
    • Altered or modified lessons are by law considered derivative works of the author and may not be copied, transferred, or sent to others unless all involved parties are licensed users of Math 5 Slide Show: Teaching Made Easy As Pi.

"Copyright law is quite explicit that the making of what are called ‘derivative works' (works based or derived from another copyrighted work) are the exclusive province of the owner of the original work. This is true even though the making of these new works is a highly creative process."

(Brad Templeton,


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