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This collection of lessons is due primarily to the efforts of Mike Mills of the Rowland Unified School District.  In an effort to help the 4th grade teachers in his own district, he has written a complete set of PowerPoint lessons that complement Harcourt's Math: Level 4, California Edition by Singer and Maletsky.   These lessons can be viewed slide by slide under the Previews tab.

Deliver lessons to students that meet rigorous state standards in a time efficient manner.  These lessons are specifically designed to fill in gaps in understanding and go beyond the book.  Many concepts that are tough to learn or are inadequately explained in the book are elaborated on in these PowerPoint lessons.  Most lessons consist of about 5 to 8 slides and are easily presented in a 30 to 50 minute period.

Significantly raise your student's year-end test scores.   Engage your students interest like never before.  Most of the presentations have some animated effects that add to the effectiveness of the lesson.  You can personalize the presentations by adding your own backgrounds, sounds, and clipart to make them even more powerful.

Integrate technology into your 4th grade classroom on a daily basis.  PowerPoint is versatile and provides you with the ability to hyperlink to other applications and web-sites while still in PowerPoint.  At the touch of a button you can switch from delivering your presentation to using graphing calculator software and back again.

Free yourself from the overhead or whiteboard.  Using a remote mouse and laser pointer, you will be able to circulate around the room as you deliver the lesson.  You can monitor note taking, see where students are getting hung up, and control unwanted behavior.

Add, delete, or change any part of any lesson you wish.  Unlike videos, software, or other similar media, PowerPoint lessons can be modified.  All teachers are encouraged to make changes to these lessons and make them their own.

Share your own lessons with colleagues.   These lessons are copyrighted and any duplication or transfer of these lessons or modification of these lessons is illegal unless all involved parties have purchased Math 4 Slide Show: Teaching Made Easy As Pi.

Absent students can access these PowerPoint lessons from a home computer through the "Previews Page" of this web-site. Notes can also be easily printed for those without home computers.  You will be pleasantly surprised how many students return from an absence and immediately request a printout of the PowerPoint lesson they missed.

Feel free to e-mail me at JimWenk@Cox.net.


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