Required Software for Viewing , Editing , and Writing

Math 3 Slide Show Lessons

These lessons were created on a PC using Windows 7 and PowerPoint 2007. The PC lessons work fine on all the Windows versions of PowerPoint as long as MathType has been installed. MathType is an application that works seemlessly within PowerPoint to write complex mathematical symbols, expressions, equations, and inequalities. Without MathType, all of the equations can be read, but not edited or changed. A free 30 day trial of MathType is offered on the Design Science website and the equations can still be read after the 30 day trial period is over.  However, its purchase is highly recommended if you plan to edit these lessons or write your own lessons.

These lessons will work on any system or platform that will run the following versions of PowerPoint and MathType.

PowerPoint System Requirements:

Mac PowerPoint for OSX
Power Mac/Imac G3 or G4, or IBook
1 GB RAM minimum
Mac OS X Version 10.1 or higher
Windows PowerPoint 2007 (Office XP)
Pentium III processor
Windows XP or higher
1 GB Ram

Money Saving Tips
You may have PowerPoint installed on your computer. It is part of the Microsoft Office package. Also, be sure to check with your computer or school tech advisor. Your school or district may already own a site license to it.
Buy MathType direct from Design Science by clicking here.  


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